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Passing Down a Little Knowledge

Good crisp beer

If you like IPAs, you will love Rhinegeist’s newest year-round brew, Knowledge. Having had a few I can tell you straight up, I will be having more.

Let me get this out of the way first, I am not going to sound like an expert. From

Intense & refined, Knowledge delivers notes of resinous pine, dank sap, pithy grapefruit, & ripe pineapple. Chewy hops, a zesty punch; this erudite Imperial India Pale Ale sharpens perceptive depths in the studious night.”

That dude knows how to say stuff about beer in a really “guy wearing a monocle and drinking out of a snifter” sort of way. Check out that website for more stuff like that.

What I have to say about beer will make sense, but won’t sound studious/scholarly/smart, just straight average Joe talking about beer. So here it goes.

Knowledge is crisp and refreshing. I love drinking it with food. It’s great with hot dogs or pizza or burgers. It also rocks out with some Doritos.

Also a plus, it sounds like it makes you smarter (even though we know with beer, that isn’t true).

I hope you don’t mind…but I’m going to get back to drinking some Knowledge.

By Jeff

Curator of

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