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Writing is enjoyable. I have written for money before. Whether it was for a paper, for a website, or for an athletic department, I have put pen to paper fingers to keyboard and written about sports and other things. Mostly sports, though.

I also know myself. I love sports, but I get bored of sticking to one lane for an extended period of time. I enjoy movies, music, video games, and lots of food, beer, and wine. In order to write about whatevs, I figured I’d create my own space. Insert Frederick’s Folio.

Fun fact, my middle name is Frederick, so that’s where that came from. Then I googled what folio meant, and found out it worked, and voila. This will be the place where you can get a unique perspective on just about anything. I hope I bring a smile to your face, all 3 of you who will end up reading this, and maybe enlighten you. Though, I’m not counting on the latter…

So, just as the President is fond of ending his tweets, “enjoy!”

P.S. – If you feel like doing some sort of sponsor thing with me, email me at

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