I’m Back…or at Least Trying to Be

So, I might be lazy….ok, I am lazy. I’m writing this post something like 6 months (I din’t look) since my last one. Heck, if you want to get technical, I for sure haven’t written all year, so yeah, bad Frederick.

That being said, consider this my re-re-re-foray into regular posting. I promise I will try, can’t really do much beyond that. All vamping aside, this is just a general post. A sort of refresher, get to know the guy typing, post.

I enjoy being me. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I laugh what I laugh at, and it really doesn’t bother me if what I am laughing at makes you shake your head. In fact, that will make me laugh more.

I am happy with myself physically, as well. Definitely got the “dad bod” going on…because beer and stuff…but that doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is getting fitted for a suit…which is why I work out, currently. Now when I say work out, I mean I use a treadmill and then flail my arms about while clutching some sort of weight in my hands. I have as much knowledge of what I am doing in the gym as does a sumo wrestler at a weight watchers meeting. That said, I still try.

The whole thought about getting fitted for a suit stems from thinking about two weddings this year in which I am closely tied, my own, and my best friend JD’s. Got to get a suit for both of em…and having a person (man or woman does not make it any less awkward) measure my body is just hilarious. I figured I could at least make it less of a guffaw when I hear the measurements if I go to the gym at least a handful of times in the next half year. As someone who is famous once sang, it’s the climb.

And, yeah, dieting is out the window, so you can stuff that in a sack. I like food.

So I figure I can be active at the gym for a bit each day, and then try out that thing that Alex Guerrero has Tom Brady doing where he trains his mind to not get hurt. I’ll just use my time in front of the television watching college basketball to teach my mind to make my body not as fat. Not the craziest idea there’s ever been, right? Sweet, now pass me the chips…

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