David vs Nine Goliaths

They did it! One in the win column! Tyler Mahle led the Reds to a victory on, what many believe, should basically be considered Opening Day, since Monday was when the Findlay Market Parade happened. So, yeah, the Reds are undefeated in the last 24 hours.

Tonight will pose an interesting…okay, really tough…matchup to get two in a row. Tonight, the Cubs put Jon Lester on the mound while the Reds will counter with…Cody Reed.

Lopsided is the first word that comes to mind, and no, James Rapien, I do not mean in the favor of Mr. Reed. Cody has a tough hill to climb. In his two years with the Reds, Reed has faced the Cubs three times. He started all three games. From there it gets dicey.

The Cubs have scored 22 runs (18 earned) off Cody Reed. They are batting .391 against him and have clubbed seven homers. In the three starts Reed has had against the Cubbies he has not made it past the fifth inning and they haven’t scored less than seven runs. For any more maths, please refer to the table from baseball-reference.com below:

Yeah…not good. I know, it’s only three games, but it still isn’t good.

If it’s any consolation, though, the Reds aren’t terrible against Jon Lester.

It isn’t quite as good as the Cubs vs Cody Reed…but in my Cincinnati Reds heart, I’m thinking that Cody is due for a gem and Lester is reeling from his less than stellar start in Miami last Thursday. In fact, in his first start against the Reds last year Lester allowed five runs. Cincinnati also got nine runs on Lester in his third start against them in 2017. So with this first start against the Reds here in the 2018 season being an odd number start, look for the Reds to light it up!

Still, this will have to go down in the pantheon of terrible starting pitcher matchups.

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