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Recapping the Dayton Dragons game from Monday night.

Got to the seat just before first pitch. Sitting third-baseline.

Second pitch and the no-hitter is broken up by a single to left field.

Packy is a lefty who uses location and movement to get the hitter out. High pitch count pitcher.

Well….this changed. So I had planned to make this a live blog…sorry. Went to get a hot dog and some beer…and then it rained…and kept raining. So, after 4 1/2 innings, and a 2-2 tie, rain falling and no end in sight, I downed my beer and my friends and I skedaddled.

This was, sort of, the minor league version of the Battle of Ohio with the Dragons representing the Reds and the Lake County Captains representing the Cleveland Indians.

A few observations…like I mentioned earlier, Packy Naughton, the starter for the Dragons in this game, is a finesse-type pitcher. In this particular game, his consistency was off. He fanned a few batters and walked a few batters. Looked like he served up a few ducks with his fastball, one of them being hit onto Patterson Avenue. He’s a deceptive lefty, which, if the Reds farm system can develop him, could be interesting in a few years. Plus, that is an awesome name.

John Sansone hit a rocket out over the left field wall to account for the Dragons pair of runs. The ball careened off an umbrella and that umbrella didn’t miss a beat.

Most minor league clubs understand the fan experience is paramount at a game that, with a ll things considered, doesn’t quite have the talent level on the field to enthrall the audience. The Dragons do this better than most. Every inning break has something to engage the fans. During the break between the 3rd and 4th inning they held “the Human Dot” race. It’s a three legged race, with three sets of races, with the added caveat of the pairs donning a circular costume. It actually turned out to be interesting, with the yellow “dot” beating the blue dot by a nose…or a dot…whatevs.

With the craft brew scene being so huge in Ohio, I was a little surprised to see the craft brew bar, down the first-base line, only had two, southwestern Ohio-brewed beers. I ended up getting a pint of Deschutes called Twilight Summer Ale. It was smooth and refreshing. There’s a new-looking brewery right outside the gates of Fifth-Third Field called Lock 27. Plan on trying it sometime, but I was surprised that I did not see a tap of Lock 27 in the stadium. Anyways, I digress.

The only real prospect that played in this game for Dayton was the second baseman by the name of Jeter. No, not that Jeter, Jeter Downs. Youngster from Colombia led off and didn’t collect a hit. Seemed to have a nice glove on a couple of occasions, though. He’s a deep prospect who was just picked last year.

Planning on a few more Dragons game this year, so I may actually get the live blog gig rolling. Until then, I’ll write other things.

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