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The Reds, the Bengals, College Basketball, some Star Wars, and more for 2021

I’m back again, again, and hopefully this time I’m going to write more than a few posts in a year. Here’s what you can expect from me in 2021:

There have been numerous times I have started and stopped my blog. I’ve written mostly sports, some food and movies, and all very sporadicly. Here’s me saying that Jeff (with 3 F’s on Twitter) is back and will try harder than last year to write more than previous years (see date stamp of last post). With that, let’s get going.

The Reds

You can hear me expound on the big picture thoughts here and here.

Mainly, the biggest of pictures that we’re all wondering at in 2021, is do they want to win. If you asked that to someone running the team they may begin by saying “that’s a loaded question,” but it shouldn’t be. Reds fans received a whopping three weeks of fun baseball last year after suffering a smidge over 6 years of abysmal baseball.

Just win Reds. Win.

The Bengals

After doing something weird and spending money on free agents last offseason, the Bengals really need to go out and spend money this offseason, too. Many said that the day-to-day runnings and machinations of the franchise have changed from years past in which you could expect cheapness and half-hearted competitiveness from a “front office” that ran through a penny-pinching owner. They may be right, if you look at last offseason, but was that an apparition or a fundamental shift in philosophy?

There are guys out there in positions of need for the Bengals, names I’ll look at in this space in the coming days, and there’s slightly more than a glimmer of hope that Bengals fans can look at these names…maybe. Who knows…it’s kind of hard to predict what this team will do.

Fans wondered if a head coach who limped through the pre-Burrow year and the first Burrow year would return for another go-around. He is. Some of his assistants will not. The pressure squarely falls on Zac Taylor in 2021 as the firing of a few guys around him shows the team’s confidence (for better or worse, I still don’t know) in Taylor. After two years of failing, you’re not convincing me there should be more if he fails in 2021, too.

College Basketball

UC is bad, UK might be worse, Xavier has shown flashes of brilliance, NKU is in a transition year, the Ohio Valley Conference is Belmont’s to lose, and Dana Ford’s Missouri State Bears are right on the heels of the Drake Bulldogs for first place in the Missouri Valley Conference. I’ll have lots more thoughts on these, but I can’t put everything in one blog, can I?

Star Wars

There will be more about the Galaxy Far, Far Away on this space because Disney has brought more of it to use, beginning this year. So much to get to on this that I’m going to save the word count for those separate posts.

Fantasy Football

I joined a league and came in last in that league in 2020. You betcha I’m going to chronicle this comeback…and also write about fantasy football.

Food, Drinks, and Stuff

I like to eat a lot and enjoy a nice drink every now and then. Sometimes I like it enough to write about it. Just a heads up, I’m likely not to write about something I didn’t like, so don’t expect smear campaigns here.

And if you’re still with me, I’m sure I’ll have blogs about other movies and shows than Star Wars and other sports outside of Cincinnati. No matter what, it’s all going to be from the perspective of dude who is Cincinnati at heart.

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