Friday Flick File

Each Friday I will take a minute to reflect on the movies I watched in the past week. These will be just snipers of thought about each one, rather than a exposé.

Right now I’ll give a few nuggets on Deadpool 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and an older movie, but one I caught on Hulu, Fantastic Four.

I’ll start with Deadpool 2 as I managed to catch that just last night. Went to the new Cinépolis at Austin Landing, in Miamisburg, to watch it. Side note – when you’re in the Cinépolis, it feels like a hotel, but anyway…

Deadpool 2 was so funny that i gave myself a headache from laughing too much. Seriously, just like 22 Jump Street did with that pair of movies, the sequel to everybody’s favorite anti-hero was even funnier than the first. His irreverent, sarcastic, and dark sense of humor once again hit the nail straight on the head. Adding a serious character in Cable into the mix made for a great back-and-forth that added value to the movie. Here’s hoping Disney can finish its deal to purchase 21st Century Fox so that Marvel can be while (and we can see Deadpool interact with the Avengers).

Speaking of the Avengers, Infinity War is a top five Marvel movie, for me. I’ve seen it twice, now, and Marvel just continues to be better than everyone at movies with a myriad of main characters. Not once did it feel like one character was being left out, or half-assed, and this is the Be first time they’ve got this right. If you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan? There’s plenty for you to love. If you’re more of a friendly neighborhood Spider-man fan, you won’t go home disappointed. Black Panther fanatic? Wakanda is pivotal to the movie. They all come together in a pleasing and entertaining way.

Oh, and who else but Marvel can take a movie that has been hyped up for 10 years and make fans even more anticipatory for the sequel?

Lastly, I want to address the newest try at making the Fantastic Four work on the silver screen.

It’s already widely known that this was a huge flop, so I’m not exactly making a breakthrough take here. Still, the movie sucked. I really hope that Disney gets 21st Century Fox and can employ Marvel to Fox the wrongs done to one of the best comic book franchises there is. The Fantastic Four, and their arch-nemesis Doctor Doom, are very important characters in the Marvel universe, but have been MIA due to Fox owning the rights. Fox has done nothing of value with those rights, and really laid an egg on their last attempt.

I mean, really, Doctor Doom (aka Victor Von Doom) is a whiny brat who turns into a crash test dummy. That alone is worth shutting the movie off for, but I didn’t…for some stupid reason. They then botched Johnny Storm by making him a laid-back, drag racer who only cares about his car. Johnny, aka the Human Torch, is supposed to be a cocky jerk who acts like he’s better than everyone, because he’s rich and can turn into a flying fire guy. I like Michael B Jordan, but the writing hamstrung him from making the character good.

The movie was just overall terrible, boring, and I can’t even remember the big battle scene because it was just awful, and I watched the movie on Wednesday! Marvel, please fix this.


Pump Fakes and Passes – Thoughts while watching basketball

Currently watching the Loyola-Chicago vs Nevada game and had a few thoughts…about a myriad of things…that I wanted to write.

Currently, Sister Jean is handling the Wolfpack, up by nine, at the moment.

I will not elaborate fully, but man I was mad on Sunday. Seriously, one of the worst days in the life of a Cincinnati sports fan. The Bearcats blow a 22-point lead. You might have heard that. Also, the other team from the Queen City, Xavier, blew a 12-point lead. Something about Cincy and the postseason. I’m thinking of doing a post about what was the worst day in my Cincy fandom (shout out to Kyle at the office for the idea), but I am having trouble containing the post to something less than a Tolkien book. Stay tuned.

Loyola has forced nine turnovers on Nevada tonight. You totally can’t prove I’m wrong when I say this, so I’ll say it: UC would have beaten Nevada if they forced nine turnovers.

The mahi-mahi at Bonefish Grill is pretty darn good. Solid taste, great texture, and when you get “Rhea’s Mahi-Mahi” the spinach and lump crab meat make a great team, Bonefish is a good place to eat.

Nevada trying to make a comeback, now just down a touchdown. Needs the defense to lockdown the Wolfpack’s transition game because Sister Jean cannot hang with Nevada’s athleticism.

I have a pair of fantasy baseball teams this year (those of you who know me well are silently congratulating me on my newfound restraint) and one of the teams does not have Joey Votto on it. I love fantasy sports, but when it’s baseball I am quite biased. I am not complaining about a friend drafting him from under my nose, I am lamenting that I forgot about the draft even happening. Some commissioner I am…

Loyola-Chicago is, once again, doing whatever they want. Nevada will force a turnover only to find their pockets have been picked before they can even try to get points off the turnover. The Ramblers look poised for the Elite Eight.

Saw the new trailer for Deadpool and I am very aroused exited. The trailer shows he is putting together X-Force in this one, which could be Marvel working him into the Avengers. Is there an actor more perfect for a role that Ryan Reynolds being Deadpool? I’ll hang up and listen. Meanwhile, I like Josh Brolin as Cable. He’s the K to Reynolds J (obligatory Men in Black reference). It’s been awhile since I laughed at a movie as much as I laughed at the first Deadpool, so bring on round two.

Here’s a fun fact…I know nothing about college basketball, despite knowing a little about it. Nevada now two possessions behind Loyola. The Wolf pack just don’t like to have the lead until the final seconds. They led less than five minutes, total, in their first two wins on this tournament. These final minutes are going to be fun.

Big Oreo ad on the scorer’s table in Atlanta. Name a more iconic cookie, I’ll wait.

Tie game now! The twins for Nevada have some kind of Protectors of the Universe vibe around them. Pretty sure they get around town in a couple mini lion bots.

Looking forward to Opening Day, just one week from today. The Reds have year two of the young starting rotation on-deck, and I am thinking it’s going to be better this time. Tyler Mahle and Luis Castillo look like the two heads of the rotation with Sal Romano being the next Mike Leake, and Amir Garrett, the Reds X-factor, holding down the back end of the rotation. The bullpen will be solid and so will the lineup. They just need the starters to do their jobs. Mark my words, if the Reds starters churn out quality starts 2 out of every 3 games, .500 is the floor for this team.

Two-point lead with less than two minutes to play and Loyola continued to dominate in the paint, but Nevada knocked down a trey to bring it within one with just am minute to go. Then pandemonium ensued. The Wolfpack had two good looks at the lead only to see the Ramblers grab the board and the subsequent free throws. 41.3 left with Nevada down three and the ball. Loyola wisely fouled, avoiding a possible game-tying three. The Ramblers, after Nevada sank the two freebies, with a one-pint lead sunk a DAGGER trey to go up four with six seconds left. Marcus owns sends Sister Jean to the Elite Eight!

Top Ten Marvel Movies of the Last Ten Years

It’s been ten years since Marvel embarked on its journey to take over the cinematic world. Ten years since Tony Stark dawned the Iron Man suit, for the first time, and flew around the planet. At that time, Avengers: Infinity War was an idea that the top brass at Marvel knew about and fans dreamt of. Now, with a little over three months til liftoff, Infinity War is on deck. There have been 18 movies leading up to this point and I felt like ranking my top ten. Here goes…

1.   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2img_3604

What??? A sequel? They’re never as good as the original…eh, wrong. At least in this case. Guardians 2 took up where the first left off and then threw things into hyper drive. Growing up, Spider-Man was my favorite hero…but that’s because I had never heard of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. Chris Pratt easily became one of my favorite actors through these movies and I cannot wait until I see what the Guardians do in Infinity War. Also, and this isn’t a factor of deciding a movie’s ranking, but this movie had the best poster.

2.   Deadpool

Yeah baby! Disney bought 21st Century Fox and Bob Iger made no bones about the fact that the X-Men and Deadpool will now be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie, in particular, was amazing. It had all the drama and intrigue we’ve come to expect from a superhero movie, while turning the humor up to 11. There has never been, nor may there ever be, such a perfectly casted character as Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool. Really looking forward to seeing him get thrown in with Iron Man, Spider-Man, and all the classic Marvel heroes he chummed around with in the comic books.

3.   Guardians of the Galaxy

Yup, two of my top three are the Guardians. Seriously, I had never heard of these guys before this movie. When I left the theatre, I knew they were my favorite part of the MCU. They just happened to make a sequel that I enjoyed even more.

4.   Thor: Ragnarokimg_3607

Chris Hemsworth and crew stepped it up in the third Thor movie. The first two were only sort of decent, but this one smashed it out of the park. It can kind of double as the good Hulk movie…because the other ones that exist suck…because both Thor and Hulk had an awesome team-up. Some thought this movie too light-hearted and funny, but I thought it was just the right amount and seriously entertaining.

5.   Spider-Man: Homecoming

Yeah, I am a sucker for Phase Three Marvel, but I am also a huge homer for the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Tom Holland played an awesome young Peter Parker, really nailing the awkward dichotomy of being a superhero and a high school student all at once. I honestly think he is the best of the three guys to play Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire was too old and Andrew Garfield was too cool. Also loved Michael Keaton as Vulture. Disney made an interesting decision with his character background, giving the audience a murky view as to why he was a villain. Sure, he was opposing Spider-Man, but it was also the niche he found to take care of his family. And Michael Keaton is one of the best actors there is, so that doesn’t hurt.

6.   The Avengers

Now, depending where you are from (and given that 99.9% people who read my blog are from America, this isn’t a thing) this movie is also called Avengers Assemble which I think helps clear up any confusion as to which Avengers movie someone is referring to. That being said, Loki was great in this movie. Marvel showed the world that a good team-up superhero movie could be done. Remember what everyone was worried about back then? “Will it be too busy?” “Will it be too confusing?” “This many characters in one movie, how will anyone get enough screen time?” Marvel answered those questions then, and has been answering them ever since.

7.    Doctor Strange

Also known as “Marvel can get any actor it wants” as the superhero giant nabs Benedict Cumberbatch to play the brash genius, Dr. Stephen Strange. Think of what a perfect mix of Inception and a superhero movie looks like, and you got this movie. Chiwetel Ejiofor was awesome as Mordo and I look forward to seeing where Marvel takes his character. Also thought they did another phenomenal job of presenting a character I, previously, knew nothing about, and making me like him. Looks like he is going to be big in Infinity War and I cannot wait to see him in it.

8.   Captain America: Civil War

At this point in Marvel’s pursuit of cinematic dominance they have well-proven that they are capable of delivering a coherent team-up movie. This one they even take it a step further and pit two teams of good guys against each other. The result was a tense feud that finds you on the edge of your seat by the end of it. To be fair, all three Captain America films are phenomenal, but this one was just the icing on the cake. Plus the nice twist at the end with Hydra….oh…well…in case you haven’t seen it, I will leave it at that. Just know that Captain America cannot escape Hydra constantly harassing his life. This movie also had very satisfying, introductory cameos of Spider-Man and Black Panther.

9.   Captain America: Winter Soldier

This one and number ten are pretty much a tie, in my mind, it just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Today I’m feeling the Stars and Stripes. Plus, Steve Rogers kind of goes through a Mission: Impossible-like scenario. The return of Bucky with a metal arm hits all the points of intrigue that my child-like brain can handle, and his battle with Cap was pretty awesome. Plus, I mean, Hydra. I won’t say it…because I will type it…Hail Hydra.

10.   Iron Man

By far, the best of the Tony Stark trilogy, I love the very first entry into the MCU. I enjoy seeing the beginning of the eccentric Stark and seeing all of his crazy technology at his house. Jarvis is also awesome, and Obadiah Stain is an easy-to-hate bad guy played by The Dude. Add in AC/DC and you got a solid movie.

Really the rest of the MCU can fall into line in no particular order from 11-18. Except for maybe Iron Man 2. That one will always be the bottom.

Bring on Thanos!