Tweets of the Trades

The NBA trade deadline was extremely eventful…for one team. Sure, one or two teams made a deal here or there, but the Cleveland Cavaliers were wheeling and dealing like a stock broker trying to beat the closing bell on Wall Street.

The Cavs made three trades on Thursday, and all in a manner of about 30 minutes. I’ll not get into the effect of the deals, whether they make Cleveland better or worse, but rather I’m here tonight to focus on the whirlwind that was Twitter regarding these deals. Lebron James is a very polarizing player and person…and that stemmed a lot of different reactions to the Cavaliers cavalier trade deadline approach.

I’ll start you off easy:

Not necessarily a super hot take as pretty much everyone who knows the NBA is saying Lebron is out of Cleveland after this year. It does confirm a lot of other articles claiming the Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, runs the show and doesn’t have any sort of relationship with Lebron anymore. He sees the writing on the wall, so he is positioning the Cavaliers to move on…before they’re even done with the season. But I digress. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this Twitter recap.

PFT is legit. Need a laugh? Check him out. If you’re unfamiliar with Barstool Sports, the website he works for, they do sports, but with a much more humorous tone. Here lately, PFT and a few other Barstool employees have been making fun of Lebron and his wine “addiction.” Sure, you may have to look that one up…but the image is funny. Though, not as funny as the MVP of the Twitterverse, Doug Gottlieb.

Simple, but hilarious. He didn’t put a ton of words…but then aren’t pictures worth a thousand words? You can only tweet 280 characters…so 1,000 words ain’t going into a tweet. And the Dwayne Wade one was classic. The Cavs basically freed him and sent him back to home to Miami. Just check out Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union’s thoughts on the matter:

She sure seems happy about this.

We’ll wrap up this post with a couple of tweets regarding the crazy amount of turnover that a professional sports team isn’t accustomed to. Like McDonalds employee turnover rate…

Forget the 2017 Finals team, how many Cavs remain from Wednesday night’s game? Only time will tell if this reshuffling of the Cavaliers’ deck does any good.

I’ll leave you with this tweet…

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