Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday! Got a handful of random thoughts on my mind that would take a lot of effort to make into full posts, but look great in a list!

1. Matt Harvey makes his Great American Ballpark debut. I do not have tickets (going to see Deadpool 2, again) but I will be watching. My expectations have been low since he became a Red and, so far, I’ve not been disappointed. As far as this night, in a vacuum, I want to see him get a quality start. Give the loyal Reds fans a six-inning outing with three runs allowed, maybe pepper in some strikeouts, and walk nobody. I don’t ask for much, I feel.

2. The Reds begin a home series against the Pirates. Pittsburgh has surprised the experts around the league and held their own at the top of the Central Division for the first few months in the 2018 season, but the winds are changing. The Buccos’ sails don’t have that breeze pushing them forward, right now. The Jolly Roger sits stagnant in the water as they’ve dropped three-straight games, losing a four-game series to the lowly Padres while allowing them to score 21 runs during that set. Now they sit fourth in the division. This is music to the Reds ears as they dropped three of four in Pittsburgh back in the beginning of April, leading to the worst start in franchise history. Time for Cincy to shake off the bad juju and get back on some sort of track.

3. Lebron scores his tail off, getting 44 points, and the Cavs won by only nine points. I have been verbally saying this, but now I’ll put it on the internet, I think the Celtics win in seven.

4. Every sports fan’s favorite words, “Game Seven,” seem to happen a lot in hockey. The Caps and Lightning are going to do it on Wednesday and I love the storylines for this game. Tampa is 5-2 all-time in Game Sevens while DC is 4-11. The game is on the Lightning’s home ice and I’m thinking it’s going to be classic. Plus, Doc Emrick is on the call. That dude could announce paint peeling and I’d be enthralled. Best play-by-play guy in any sport.

5. I’ll get you out of here on this – Jim Harbaugh. The man has to be in the crosshairs of Michigan’s boosters. The Wolverines have tread water throughout his short tenure in Ann Arbor, but now the Maze and Blue have something that should push them over the top: a quarterback. Dude from Ole Miss, Shea Patterson, got his waiver to transfer out of the Rebels disfunction and onto a team he can play for right away, and Jimmy H got him. Patterson was a 5-Star recruit out of high school and threw for over 3,000 yards last season in ten games. This is going to have Michigan fans buzzing, but anyone with an objective point of view toward the Wolverines will be keeping their eye on Harbaugh. He hasn’t had a notable signal caller yet. Now that he does, will Michigan be in playoff contention, as they pine for every year, or will it be another year with a busted bowl game appearance? Jim, you have the floor.

Now go get you some tacos and make Tuesday great again for the first time.

NBA Tuesday

Watching a little basketball tonight, thought I write down a few thoughts.

I cannot stand watching Lebron play. Call him the greatest, call him the king, call him whatever you want, I get so annoyed when he drives in the lane, lowers his shoulder (which is a charge) and gets a foul called on the defender as he goes up for the shot. What is the defender supposed to do? Lebron literally trucks the dude, causing him to fall back like an elephant on skates, and then the ref rewards what should be an offensive foul by giving Lebron a pair of free-throws, or an and-one. He did average a triple-double for the month of February…but whatevs. There are a lot of other players I enjoy watching more than him.

On another note, regarding the Cavs, I actually kind of like the trades they made. I know I dogged em for basically making an insane amount of deals at the deadline, but they shed the dead weight they had. Larry Nance is fun to watch and George Hill seems to fit in well. Still figuring how Jordan Clarkson fits in, but to his credit, he doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights. The moves gave them some interesting lineup mix possibilities. I’d love to see the five on the floor be Hill, Clarkson, Osman, Korver, and Lebron. Not sure if that’d be any good, but that would cause some headaches for opposing defenses trying to figure which shooter to watch. The one thing they lack, though, is an inside presence. Tristan Thompson is still in left field somewhere, and you aren’t putting Larry Nance on Andre Drummond or Al Horford and feeling good about it. That will be a key area of weakness in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

On another game’s note, what in the heck is up with Washington? The Wizards have gotten better since John Wall got hurt. I mean, seriously, John Wall is one of the top 3 best point guards in the game of basketball. No team loses his services for an extended period of time and gains momentum. Hey, somehow, Bradley Beal and company have done just that. Kelly Oubre has had plenty of time to shine, and shine he has. Otto Porter has really developed into a good scoring option, and you still got Marcin “Big Tater-Tot” Gortat cleaning up down low (Can’t even take credit for that nickname, my fiancee’s idea).

Brooklyn really came back down to Earth, huh? They began the season by turning everyone’s head, even had a winning record. That’s all out the window. At least they can say it wasn’t a wire-to-wire losing season. They are in that tank-off with the Kings, Suns, and like five other teams that nobody cares about.

On a side note, I found out if you try to play NBA 2k18 on Hall of Fame mode, you will want to destroy everything with fire…or maybe I just stink at it? Either way, I turned it back to rookie where I can enjoy the game.

Carry on.

Photo credit – Getty Images

Tweets of the Trades

The NBA trade deadline was extremely eventful…for one team. Sure, one or two teams made a deal here or there, but the Cleveland Cavaliers were wheeling and dealing like a stock broker trying to beat the closing bell on Wall Street.

The Cavs made three trades on Thursday, and all in a manner of about 30 minutes. I’ll not get into the effect of the deals, whether they make Cleveland better or worse, but rather I’m here tonight to focus on the whirlwind that was Twitter regarding these deals. Lebron James is a very polarizing player and person…and that stemmed a lot of different reactions to the Cavaliers cavalier trade deadline approach.

I’ll start you off easy:

Not necessarily a super hot take as pretty much everyone who knows the NBA is saying Lebron is out of Cleveland after this year. It does confirm a lot of other articles claiming the Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, runs the show and doesn’t have any sort of relationship with Lebron anymore. He sees the writing on the wall, so he is positioning the Cavaliers to move on…before they’re even done with the season. But I digress. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this Twitter recap.

PFT is legit. Need a laugh? Check him out. If you’re unfamiliar with Barstool Sports, the website he works for, they do sports, but with a much more humorous tone. Here lately, PFT and a few other Barstool employees have been making fun of Lebron and his wine “addiction.” Sure, you may have to look that one up…but the image is funny. Though, not as funny as the MVP of the Twitterverse, Doug Gottlieb.

Simple, but hilarious. He didn’t put a ton of words…but then aren’t pictures worth a thousand words? You can only tweet 280 characters…so 1,000 words ain’t going into a tweet. And the Dwayne Wade one was classic. The Cavs basically freed him and sent him back to home to Miami. Just check out Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union’s thoughts on the matter:

She sure seems happy about this.

We’ll wrap up this post with a couple of tweets regarding the crazy amount of turnover that a professional sports team isn’t accustomed to. Like McDonalds employee turnover rate…

Forget the 2017 Finals team, how many Cavs remain from Wednesday night’s game? Only time will tell if this reshuffling of the Cavaliers’ deck does any good.

I’ll leave you with this tweet…

This and That

The day job is a little slow today, so here are a few midday thoughts that I wanted to pose. Things I couldn’t make an entire post about, but blurbs I felt deserved some writing.

Firstly, I tried a new pizza place today for lunch. Flying Pizza, in Centerville, Ohio, is pretty good. I got a medium pepperoni and mushroom pizza for $13. Nice, big, foldable slices. The crust was sort of dry, but had a good taste to it. The sauce was fantastic, and it didn’t have too much cheese. The shrooms, as always, were great, and so was the pep. There was a manageable amount of grease on it. If I were some sort of person who had a rating scale for pizza, I’d give it a 4 out of 5. Check it out!

I used this awesome app called Door Dash to get it delivered to my office building. I was lazy today because it snowed a decent amount and the roads were atrocious when I came into work this morning, so I figured I’d tip someone well to bring me food. Door Dash is phenomenal.

I also heard about this pizza place called Johnny’s over in Centerville. I’ve been told I have to try it…so I will, soon.

Another rando thought, how about this lady in New Hampshire? Wins the Lottery, $560 million, but doesn’t want to go public, so she may leave it unclaimed. Are you kidding me? What on Earth has her so spooked? I mean, sure, making it public that you are now richer than sin isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but that is a lot of money to say no to. I don’t know, maybe I am some sort of snowflake for thinking she is crazy for not taking the money (which she hasn’t confirmed that she won’t, yet) but I’d take that money in a heartbeat.

Maybe she is scared of the constant stories of people’s lives being torn apart by Lottery winnings….but then why’d she buy the ticket? I have never bought a Lottery ticket, personally, because I believe it is a waste of money. Sure, I know, you can’t win the Lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, but the odds are so astronomical that it is like burning money. That being said, had I bought a ticket, I would firmly be prepared to announce to the world my winnings. Not because I am a cocky son of a gun, but that’s because those are the rules. Get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat…or something like that.

One last thing, a sports thought, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Man, I live in Ohio, but I don’t like em. Mainly because of one fellow. “The King,” or whatever, Lebron James. I’m glad they’re in turmoil. I’m glad they stink. Last night they blew a 20+ halftime lead to one of the worst teams in the worst conference in the NBA. Say what you will about Aaron Gordon, Elfrid Payton, or Nikola Vucevic, the Magic just aren’t that good. They made the Cavs look like a rebuilding team. Cleveland can’t defend anyone this year, which leads me to a hot take that no one will remember: the Cavaliers will not make the Eastern Conference Finals. You heard me. I think the Eastern Conference Finals this year come down to the Wizards and the Celtics. But who am I?

Anyway, I’ll have a less random post coming later…these are just some thoughts burning in my mind. Stay warm (or if you are warm, stay classy).