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Watching a little basketball tonight, thought I write down a few thoughts.

Watching a little basketball tonight, thought I write down a few thoughts.

I cannot stand watching Lebron play. Call him the greatest, call him the king, call him whatever you want, I get so annoyed when he drives in the lane, lowers his shoulder (which is a charge) and gets a foul called on the defender as he goes up for the shot. What is the defender supposed to do? Lebron literally trucks the dude, causing him to fall back like an elephant on skates, and then the ref rewards what should be an offensive foul by giving Lebron a pair of free-throws, or an and-one. He did average a triple-double for the month of February…but whatevs. There are a lot of other players I enjoy watching more than him.

On another note, regarding the Cavs, I actually kind of like the trades they made. I know I dogged em for basically making an insane amount of deals at the deadline, but they shed the dead weight they had. Larry Nance is fun to watch and George Hill seems to fit in well. Still figuring how Jordan Clarkson fits in, but to his credit, he doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights. The moves gave them some interesting lineup mix possibilities. I’d love to see the five on the floor be Hill, Clarkson, Osman, Korver, and Lebron. Not sure if that’d be any good, but that would cause some headaches for opposing defenses trying to figure which shooter to watch. The one thing they lack, though, is an inside presence. Tristan Thompson is still in left field somewhere, and you aren’t putting Larry Nance on Andre Drummond or Al Horford and feeling good about it. That will be a key area of weakness in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

On another game’s note, what in the heck is up with Washington? The Wizards have gotten better since John Wall got hurt. I mean, seriously, John Wall is one of the top 3 best point guards in the game of basketball. No team loses his services for an extended period of time and gains momentum. Hey, somehow, Bradley Beal and company have done just that. Kelly Oubre has had plenty of time to shine, and shine he has. Otto Porter has really developed into a good scoring option, and you still got Marcin “Big Tater-Tot” Gortat cleaning up down low (Can’t even take credit for that nickname, my fiancee’s idea).

Brooklyn really came back down to Earth, huh? They began the season by turning everyone’s head, even had a winning record. That’s all out the window. At least they can say it wasn’t a wire-to-wire losing season. They are in that tank-off with the Kings, Suns, and like five other teams that nobody cares about.

On a side note, I found out if you try to play NBA 2k18 on Hall of Fame mode, you will want to destroy everything with fire…or maybe I just stink at it? Either way, I turned it back to rookie where I can enjoy the game.

Carry on.

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