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Tweets of the Trades

I’ll not get into the effect of the deals, whether they make Cleveland better or worse, but rather I’m here tonight to focus on the whirlwind that was Twitter regarding these deals.

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This and That

Anyway, I’ll have a less random post coming later…these are just some thoughts burning in my mind. Stay warm (or if you are warm, stay classy).

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You’re Going to Like This

Doritos are awesome. Chicken is awesome. When you combine the two, the result is awesome.

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My Attempted Foray into Sports Betting

I tried. I got this great idea, a sort of journey, to bring you readers with me on. I was going to dip my toes into the world of sports gambling


Call out it’s name…

Go see Jumanji. If you already have, great! Go see it again.

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Looking Forward to Calls to the Bullpen

Jared Hughes was signed a few weeks ago and David Hernandez was inked at the beginning of this week. Middle relievers don’t tend to move the needle in January, but it’s these types of guys who playoff contending teams go after in July…


I’m Back…or at Least Trying to Be

That being said, consider this my re-re-re-foray into regular posting. I promise I will try, can’t really do much beyond that. All vamping aside, this is just a general post. A sort of refresher, get to know the guy typing, post.

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How to Survive a Bad Football Game

Here’s how you hang tight when the score isn’t

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Heard it Here First, Change is Coming

2017 will bring ample reasons to begin again in 2018 for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Food and Drink Restaurants


Chipotle has good food. Queso is good on food. Chipotle does not have good queso.